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Meet Jeff Rickert. Originally from Pennsylvania, he moved to North Carolina to tell stories from the past to those who are made to listen, also known as a school teacher. Jeff’s relationship with Mountain Top Youth Camp goes back to the 1980’s, when he was just a young camper. Now, he finds himself sharing the word of God at camp during the summer, and sometimes during special camp weekends like Extreme Weekend. In 1996, he married his beautiful wife Kara, and they now have two fantastic kids together, Kori and Jodi. In his down time, Jeff likes to go bungee jumping and sky diving for fun and the one thing he can’t live without is his chapstick. He advises the one thing that everyone should do at least once in their lives is to travel and see the world, before you have too many responsibilities.

To hear more wisdom and exciting stories from Jeff Rickert, come to Extreme Weekend!